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Train as you fight! 


Law enforcement agencies and military units can now “train as you fight” using the facilities at Camp Liberty. 


With the iCombat laser-based weapons training system, you can train in the exact location – such as a school, City Hall, or any other venue – where you need to be prepared.  There are no more worries about the cost, danger, mess or potential liability involved with using “simunition” bullets.


Your agency can use our shoot house or Miitary Urban Operations Training site (coming 2017) to refine their skills.  The iCombat system can be used in any venue where using projectiles of any sort would cause undue danger, mess or other potential liability. 


“Simunition” bullets involves ongoing costs and significant clean-up, which may put a limitation on the number of rounds allotted for training.  This impact the frequency and duration of your training.  Similarly, virtual training solutions tend to be difficult to schedule, infrequent and very expensive.


Your agency can train at Camp Librty, or rent the XMC Tactical Mobile Command Post by the day or the week.  Renting the iCombat system is an easy and affordable way to provide your officers with the most realistic training equipment available. 


We will have you ready to train within minutes of arrival, while providing you with all the necessary equipment.  Our experienced staff will even act as perpetrators, hostages or in other roles to support your tactical training, if needed.  You can save even more by partnering with local agencies to rent from XMC Tactical. 


Contact us today to discuss how you can have your Cadet training on Camp Liberty!

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