Camp Liberty is ideal location for your special event.  Our staff can design, support or execute a multitude of events, including:


  • Weddings and Receptions

  • Corporate Parties

  • High Adventure Programs

  • Concerts

  • Pool Parties

  • Church Camps

  • Retreats

  • Reunions

  • Training Programs

  • Military Simulation (MILSIM) Events

  • iCombat Laser Tag

  • Cadet Training Programs

  • ...and much more!


Our facilities are extremely affordable, with discounts for military, law enforcement, firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, clergy and educators. 


Contact us today to discuss how you can have your special event on Camp Liberty!


Camp Liberty
15719 Alabama Highway 157
Battleground, AL  35179

TEL: 844-962-1776 

E-MAIL: events@camp-liberty.com

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