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We understand Cadet programs...very well! 


Our cadre brings over 200 combined years experience working with young men and women in a uniformed environment.  We ahve worked with all types of Cadet programs (JROTC, Sea Cadets, Civil Air Patrol, Young Marines, Explorers, International programs, etc.).  We are proud to execute the premier summer program Extreme Military Challenge! which is the most realistic military camp available, attracting young people nationwide and internationally for up to six weeks of training.  


You and your Cadets can benefit from Camp Liberty's facilities as the International Center of Excellence in Cadet Training. Our cadre of training professionals - with decades of experience – can also customize a variety of classroom or activity-based field programs for your Cadet unit.


Camp Liberty is an ideal location for:


  • Leadership Academy

  • Basic Cadet Indoctrination

  • Summer Encampments (based on availability)

  • Regional Competitions

  • Staff Development Training

  • Raider Training

  • Drill Camps

  • Drone Events


Camp Liberty offers:


  • Basic Training-style Barracks, with footlockers, for 200+

  • Army-regulation Obstacle Course

  • Rappel Tower with wall and skid platforms

  • Marksmanship Range within 15 minutes with 25, 50, 100, 300 and 500 yard lanes

  • Low Ropes and Zip Lines

  • Leader Reaction Course

  • Land Navigation Course

  • Wooded areas for Field Skills training

  • Forward Operating Base (FOB)

  • Hand-receipt of items ranging from GP-Medium to sleeping bags, shelter halves, canteens and bed mats

  • iCombat Laser-based Weapons Training System ("MILES on Steriods")

  • Drill Instructors and military Subject Matter Experts on-staff

  • Qualified instructors and Safety Observers with certifications from a variety of outside agencies. We are experts at Risk Management and will ensure your Cadets are trained correctly and safely.


Our facilities are extremely affordable and perfectly suited for Cadets of all programs. We offer discounted rates for Cadet units.  Contact us today to discuss how you can have your Cadet training on Camp Liberty!


Camp Liberty is a privately-owned facility, operated by Liberty Communications, LLC.   We are not sanctioned, nor managed by, the Department of Defense or any entity therein.  Our programs are executed in accordance with military safety standards and procedures; however, since we are not affiliated with the Department of Defense, our programs are not under the restrictions placed upon Junior ROTC Cadets and units.  We will provide programs and facilities to your Cadet program, supervised by qualified and certified personnel, as contracted.  However, unit commanders are responsible for compliance with the regulations and requirements of their organization and chain of command. 


As with most military schools and other regimented organizations, the military-style ranks and titles used are honorary and exclusive to the structure of Extreme Military Challenge!  They are primarily for training purposes.  Uniforms are modified with distinct insignia to clearly identify the wearer as not being a member of the United States Armed Forces. 

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