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Airsoft Boot Camp Challenge is three intense days of training in an extremely realistic military environment. 

  *  Rappelling, Obstacle Course and Zip Lines.

  *  Airsoft Tactical Training, with Day and Night Missions.

  *  Live in a realistic "Forward Operating Base."

You will be led by a Drill Instructor and seasoned combat vets who will give you an intense introduction to military life, as well as the most realistic tactical training available for Airsoft players or teams. 

Training Schedule

    10 Nov:   Arrive between 6-8 pm

    11 Nov:   Military Training

    12 Nov:   Tactical Training

    13 Nov:   Detach at Noon


Training will be conducted at Camp Liberty in Battleground, Alabama, the premier military and tactical training site for Cadets.

ready for a challenge?

Commander’s Intent


To provide Trainees with a challenging and fun experience, which will provide a very basic insight to the military basic training environment, while developing fundamental tactical skills which can be used as a member of an AirSoft team. 




AirSoft Boot Camp Challenge is a joint mission of Camp Liberty, LLC of Battleground,Alabama and Apache Tactical Airsoft of Huntsville, Alabama. 




AirSoft Boot Camp Challenge is open to anyone age 12 and above who registers.   All Trainees, or parent/guardian in the case of minors, must execute a liability and accident release. 

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